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About us


computer science

Wireless World

What we like more

Model United Nations

27.03.2009, ClCziprok

Alex D

Alex S

Alteea M

Anca G

Andrada S

Schönbrunn Palace

08.05.2009, Andrada S

Antonia T


19.03.2009, Antonia T

Bianca P

Surfing - A Dangerous and popular sport

19.03.2009, Bianca P


19.03.2009, Bianca P

Carmen P


23.03.2009, CarmenP


18.03.2009, Carmen P

Cezara V

10 facts about smoking

19.03.2009, CezaraV

Cynthia C

Why do girls love boys?

19.03.2009, Cynthia C

Darius O

Denise D


08.03.2009, Denise D


09.03.2009, Denise D

Elena B

Rock music

15.03.2009, Elena B


20.03.2009, Elena B

Gaby M

Ioana V

Traveling online

29.05.2009, Ioana V

Karina L


19.03.2009, Karina L

Laura M

Liana R


11.05.2009, Liana R

Madalina S

Maria B

A Branch of Telecommunications

08.04.2009, Maria B

Mario M


27.03.2009, Mario M


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Narcisa Z

Octavian L

Barclays Premier League

19.03.2009, Octavian L

Patricia N

Radu T

Raluca B

Silvia C

Wireless communication

25.03.2009, Silvia C

Vlad M