Public space of the project:

First WebQuest:
A virtual visit to London

® You have been selected to go on an exciting trip. You and some of your classmates will visit a wonderful city – London!
® You will use the Internet to make this virtual visit, recording your "experiences" as you explore the city.
® You will join a Travel Team and work together to write down your experiences and illustrate them with photographs, maps and other graphics.

You will be asked some questions during your web search. If you answer correctly you will receive a special prize!
Get ready for a wonderful experience!

The task

® Using Internet resources, you will create a poster documenting a simulated visit to London.
® This poster will include written descriptions of many of the places you may "see" there, including pictures of interesting places, people, map references, historical references, graphics and so on.
® Your completed poster will be shown on the classroom wall for other students to see it.

The process

® Every journey begins with a single step. In the following pages you will find all the necessary steps to complete your task and to create a successful poster on London.
® Don’t forget! Your teacher will evaluate your work!

Step 1 – Join a team
® To begin, you will be assigned to a Research and Design Team consisting of 4 members.
® You and your teacher will decide your specific role as part of the Team.
® You can be: Tourist guide, Historian, Writer or Designer.

Tourist guide

® The Tourist guide must find all the necessary information to organize the visit – transport timetables, museums opening hours, entrance ticket prices, London weather forecast, London maps…


® The Historian must find information and curiosities about the history of buildings or other places that are relevant to London people and to tourists.


® The writer is responsible for writing most of the information in Microsoft Word. He/She uses the information provided by Geographer and the Historian.


The designer must find appropriate graphic to illustrate the virtual visit of London and is responsible for creating an attractive title for the poster.

Step 2 – What’s the weather like in London?

® Go to and find out the London weather forecast for the next 6 days. Decide a suitable date for your visit.
® Record the predominant weather, the minimum and maximum temperatures and the relative humidity for that day.

Step 3 – A general vision of London

® Go to Here you can book a coach tour of London. Click on Sightseeing in the directory and find in the “TOP FIVE Most popular tours” the Big Bus Sightseeing Tour of London. Enter the date of your tour, find the ticket price and record the list of Tour Highlights for your final poster.

QUESTION N. 1: The ticket is valid for…
a) 6 hours b) 12 hours c) 24 hours

® Go to and discover how to get a vision of London from the sky! You can explore the site as you like, but don’t forget to record something for your poster. The Historian can look at the Facts and Figures page, which is full of curiosities. And the Tourist guide and the Designer will find a lot of useful material.

QUESTION N. 2: How high is the London eye in metres?
a) between 95 and 100
b) between 100 and 120
c) more than 130

Step 4 – Historical Palaces

® Go to and visit the site of the Tower of London.
® Here the Tourist guide and the Historian will find useful information.
® Record the opening hours, the ticket price and a short history of the building.

QUESTION N. 3: When is the Guy Fawkes Exibition this year?
a) 15 May 2005
b) 2 July 2005
c) 31 July 2005

® Go to In the Directory, click on Attractions and then on Attractions again. Find a short description of Buckingham Palace and of its opening hours.

® Go to and find more facts and pictures on Buckingham Palace.

Record everything for your poster.

Step 5 – A Special place

® There’s a very special place in London, but only for people who are not scared of spiders, mice, monsters and ghosts! Go to and find how to have fun in London while learning about its past. Explore the site and find all the necessary information. Why don’t you propose a school trip to your teacher for next year?

Step 6 – Eating out
® It’s lunch time! Look for a map of Mc Donald’s restaurants in the center of London.
® Go to and click on the Restaurant Locator to find the nearest restaurant to Piccadilly Circus. Then print or save the map for your poster!

QUESTION N. 4: How can you turn the music on and off in the Kidszone?
a) clicking on a radio
b) clicking on a bell
c) clicking on a BigMac

Step 7 – A nice show
® Why don’t you now go to the Globe Theatre and watch a Shaspeare’s play?
® Go to or and find information about this particular theater. What are the plays for the season 2005? Record everything you want, including photos of the theater and of the performances.

® Then go to and explore the various floors of the store. Find old pictures of the place in the History section and then go to the on line shopping page clicking on the Logo on the top of the page.
® Collect pictures of some Harrods products, such as teas or biscuits in the food section.
external image C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5CClau%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C01%5Cclip_image002.jpgQUESTION N. 6: How much do the Beefeater biscuits cost?
a) 8.00 £ b) 11.30 £ c) 7.75 £

Step 8 – Shopping
® To conclude your visit, you must go to Harrods, Britain’s most famous department store, to buy some souvenirs!
® Go to and find the basic information about the place.

QUESTION N. 5: What is the nearest underground station?
a) Victoria station b) Knightsbridge
c) South Kensington

® Your visit is finished! You can now organize all the material you have recorded and work on your poster.
® If you need more graphics go to
Here you will find a lot of images of London.

Have a nice time!