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About our school: Mihai Eminescu High School
About our town, Satu Mare: My hometown, Satu Mare
About our country, Romania: My lovely Romania

Stand/Expoziție ”Magic but real experiments”

Lucrare Simpozion internaţional "Dezvoltarea personală multiculturală într-un spaţiu european", Colegiul Tehnic "Elisa Zamfirescu", 5 aprilie 2009

(cercetători, chimişti, fizicieni, laboranţi, observatori,
documentarişti, desenatori, operatori media)
Temele de proiect (experimente simple) alese,
plus unul din cele propuse mai jos
Octavian L
Alexandru D, Octavian L, Mario M, Radu T

Soap magnetism

Ioana V
Alteea M, Bianca P, Ioana V, Narcisa Z

A balloon that does not exploit

Everything depends on the crystal that looks

Vlad M
Vlad M, Alexandru S, , Raluca B


A very simple electric motor

Eddy in a Bottle

Cezara V
Maria B, Cezara V, Antonia T, Anca G

Drawing with sand

Atmospheric and Hydrostatic pressure

Laura P
Elena B, Cynthia C, Karina L, Laura P

Rainbow Milk

Candy chromatography

Layered liquids

Making things glow in the dark

Patricia N
Silvia C, Denise D, Patricia N, Carmen P

Water Screen

Cloud in a Bottle

Screaming Balloons

Two Forks in Ballance

Andrada S
Gabriela M, Liana R, Andrada S, Madalina S

Coca Cola with Mentos

Lemon with Baking soda

Red Cabbage, a natural indicator


Liana R, Andrada S, Alexandru S, Octavian L, Darius O

The Colour of Fire


Timetable of our project:

1. Preparation of project (two weeks) - from November 3 to November 16
2. Formation of groups (two weeks) - from November 17 to November 30
3. Election of experiments (3 weeks) - from December 1 to December 21
4. Do the experiments and prepare the CD with the information (text, photos and videos) for the blog (two months) - January and February
5. Preparation of Project Blog (one month) - March
6. Preparation of some murals explaining the project (one month) - April

Proposed experiments: Drawing with sand; Wave machine; A simple fire extinguisher; Eddy in a bottle ; a very simple electric motor ; A balloon that does not exploit; Two pendulums together; Two forks in balance; Everything depends on the crystal that looks; Burn metals?; Red Cabbage, a natural indicator